I love working in charcoal because in black and white you can really concentrate on the values, one of the most important aspects of an artwork, even more than colour.
Last year I took an online workshop from Annie Murphy Robinson to learn more about the charcoal sanding technique. It is a very labour intensive technique but if done well the results can be mind-blowing. I am learning and refining this technique with each new drawing.

My Heart Never Changed" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 76 x 56 cm

Maria, Full of Grace" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 76 x 56 cm

"Hazy `Paradise" - portrait of the young Jerney Kaagman - charcoal on BFK Rives - 76 x 56 cm

"Maria" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 30 x 15 cm

"Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 28 x 17 cm

"The Old Forest" - charcoal on paper - 25 x 25 cm

"Winter" - charcoal on watercolour paper - 32 x 22 cm

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