Charcoal is for me an important go-to medium of choice as it allows me to focus on the essential aspect of an artwork, the values. The absence of color in black and white drawings enables me to concentrate on the interplay between light and shadow, which is crucial in creating a captivating piece. 
To enhance my skills, I enrolled in an online workshop with Annie Murphy Robinson, where I delved deeper into the charcoal sanding technique. Although it requires considerable effort, the outcomes are truly remarkable. I am constantly improving my proficiency in this technique and strive to create breathtaking drawings with each new project.

Lef With Your Memories - charcoal on BFK Rives - 76 x 56 cm

My Heart Never Changed" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 76 x 56 cm

Maria, Full of Grace" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 76 x 56 cm

"Hazy `Paradise" - portrait of the young Jerney Kaagman - charcoal on BFK Rives - 76 x 56 cm

"Maria" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 30 x 15 cm

"Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal" - charcoal on BFK Rives - 28 x 17 cm

"The Old Forest" - charcoal on paper - 25 x 25 cm

"Winter" - charcoal on watercolour paper - 32 x 22 cm

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