°1958, Aalst (Belgium)
I have a lifelong career in illustration, graphic design and commissioned artwork.
I worked in many fields like licensed artwork, hyper-realistic illustration, packaging, consumer product design, stationery, baby clothing and apparel, billboards and theater backgrounds.
Among my client list are: The Walt Disney Company, Studio 100, Lotus Bakeries, Tupperware, Donau Design, Mediamind, Frajodis,...
A portfolio of my wide range of commercial work can be viewed at www.aeronaut.be.
After many years of doing commissioned artwork and realising other people's idea's I decided it was time to concentrate on my own artistic dreams. I have always been fascinated by realistic art, especially painting and drawing landscapes and portraits.
Many viewers refer to my work as "photographic" and I understand what they mean because it has a highly realistic quality. However, my aim is not pure hyperrealism or trying to "copy a photo" but to go beyond it and add my own artistic views to it. No matter if I draw or paint, I work in many layers and the artwork grows with each pass. I consider each artwork as a journey, perhaps with unexpected surprises and a different outcome than foreseen, but that is what keeps it interesting.
People often tell me they would never have the patience to do my kind of work, but to me the joy of creation, solving artistic problems, overcome technical difficulties and watch everything come alive on my canvas is what makes it worthwhile. The journey is more important than the destination... and I hope that I can invite the viewer to experience his own journey when he wanders through my art.

My work has been awarded by and published in International Artist Magazine.

Retrospective Exhibition at gallery 't Hof te Puttens, Lede (B), July 9 - September 18
Landscape Painting with Limited Palette, May 21, at De Gouden Pluim, Ter Mote 5, Nevele (B)

Portrait Drawing in Charcoal, November 27, at De Gouden Pluim, Ter Mote 5, Nevele (B)

Group Exhibition KIDMIE (Kunst in Dialoog met Industrie) in the abandoned VELBA factory in Schellebelle (B), 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 September. I painted the Abandoned Places series based on photos I shot on location especially for this show.

Masterclass "Magische Landschappen schilderen in acryl" for ISCRAT at De Gouden Pluim in Nevele (B)

Workshop Charcoal Drawing, September 12, at De Gouden Pluim, Ter Mote 5, Nevele (B)
Sociaal Huis, Wichelen (B), Solo exhibition - until January 31, 2020

Sociaal Huis, Wichelen (B), Solo exhibition - December 7  - January 31, 2020
CC ’t Ankerpunt Serskamp (B), May 31 - June 9, group exhibition

"Dreams Are Buried Here", World War I commemorative group exhibition - April 25-27
Screening of the movie by Scaldis, based on the 5 part music composition "Dreams Are Buried Here" by Jef De Corte, in collaboration with Achim Wierschem (Germany) and Robin Thomas Quin (UK/USA).
Kapel Bruinbeke, Serskamp (B)

Open Studio & Exhibition, March 23
City Hall Wichelen (B), may-june, Retrospective Solo Exhibition

Open Studio & Exhibition - February 5

2002 - present
Freelance illustrator & designer at Aeronaut bvba, Wichelen (B) - www.aeronaut.be
Commercial and licensed artwork (The Walt Disney Company, Tupperware, Studio 100, Lotus Bakeries, …)

Belfortcrypte, Aalst (B), December, “Relics” - Solo Exhibition

Hyperrealistic commercial illustration & photo retouching at Studio Trias, Antwerp (B)

Winner of Silver Airbrush Award, 5th Crazy Car & Motor Show, Kortrijk (B)

4th Crazy Car & Motor Show, Kortrijk (B)

1985 - 1994
Automotive airbrush artist


"On Location"
One page article on my studio in International Artist Magazine issue 145 June/July 2022, page 119.

Chestnut Tree - Bijlokehof, Ghent
Awarded and featured in International Artist magazine issue 140 - August/September 2021

Waves #03 - "Dancing, In The Light Of The Sun"
Awarded and featured in International Artist magazine issue 136 - December/January 2020-2021

Het Laatste Nieuws, December 19, 2019 - Didier Verbaere

"WIE IS WIE? - Een greep uit het creatieve talent van Wichelen."
Cultuurdienst Wichelen, 2011

Tupperware “Transparent”, 
Design Museum Gent, 2005 - Stichting Kunstboek

CHROOM & VLAMMEN MAGAZINE, Vol. 10, August 1991
Jef De Corte: “aeronaut” van de 20ste eeuw.
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